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high brightness Portable light module for PET Endoscope


Key features: Super high luminous flux to replace 300W Xenon lamp
Typical applications: Laparoscope,machine vision,endoscope
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  • RFFM-1519-B

  • Super high luminous flux to replace 300W Xenon lamp, high brightness,long life.

  • Laparoscope , gastrointestinal endoscope

Optical   dataRFFM-1519RFFM-1520Remarks
Light sourceLEDLED
CCT5700±500K 5700±500K After 1m, NA0.62,Φ5mm   optical fiber
CRI≥90≥60After 1m, NA0.62,Φ5mm   optical fiber
Blue/Green   ratio130%115%After 1m, NA0.62,Φ5mm   optical fiber
Red/Green   ratio67%40%After 1m, NA0.62,Φ5mm   optical fiber
IR cut-off   performance3.5 mW/lm3.0 mW/lmAfter 1m, NA0.62,Φ5mm   optical fiber
Luminous flux   output3300 lm4000 lmInput   for Φ5mm light guide
Back focal   length29 mm29 mmFrom   the last lens vertex
Electrical   data

Input voltageDC 12/24VDC 12/24VCan   be customized according to customer requirement
Power   consumption85 W85 WDriver   board consumption included
Initial power110 W110 WMinimum   power output
Dimming modePWM/POT/RS232/Key/TouchCan be   customized according to customer requirement

Rayfine Specialty lighting is focused on LED light module for medical equipment. We have passed ISO13485 and ISO9001.

Our major product lines:

  • ICG-NIR fluorescence imaging light module

  • NBI Light module

  • Dental lamp and module

  • Surgical microscope light module

  • Surgical light module

Key parameter for LED Endoscope NBI Light Module

·         White light +415nm+540nm+605nm LED

·         White light Ra>90

·         White light CCT=5700±500K

·         Luminous flux of white light is1050lm

·         Output power of 415nm is 2250mW

·         Output lumen of 540nm is 310lm

·         Output lumen of 605nm is 240lm

·         Back focus length 23.6m

Key parameter for Gastrointestinal endoscope light source

·         Ra≥90

·         CCT=5700±500K

·         Back focus length 23.6mm

·         2200lm output out of module

·         1050lm Luminous flux out of fiber

·         Input voltage: DC12V (To be customized as per customer requirements)

·         Power consumption:50W

·         IR cut-off performance:3.5mW/lm

·         PWM/Linear Dimming: min 10%; max:100% (PWM dimming, to be customized as per customer requirements)

·         Net weight:385g+289g (light engine + driver case)

Key parameter for Compact LED light source:

·         Ra=70

·         CCT=6000±300K

·         Back focus length 1.0mm

·         1220 lm output for Ф5mm optical fiber

Key parameter for super high brightness LED module:

·         CCT=5700±500K

·         Ra≥90

·         Back focus length 29mm

·         Luminous flux 3300lm out of module

·         Luminous flux 1250 out of Φ5mm, 1m optical fiber cable

·         IR cut-off performance:3.5mw/lm

·         Input power:80W

·         Input voltage: DC24V (can be customized as per customer request)

·         Heat sink temperature:45℃

·         Life time of LED:30000hours

Key parameter for ICG-NIR fluorescence FOI module as below

·         Light source: White light + 785nm laser

·         Peak wavelength:785nm

·         Light source White light: Ra>90

·         White light CCT=5700±500K

·         Luminous flux of white light 2300lm

·         Luminous flux of white light for Φ5mm light guide: 2600lm (NA=0.62)

·         Output power of 785nm laser=3500mW

·         Back focus length 23.6mm

·         Input voltage: DC12V for LED white light

·         Input power:90W including driver

·         Dimming of white light: Min:10%; Max:100%; By RS232 condition

·         Dimming of laser: Min:0; Max:100%; By RS232 condition

Key parameter for ENT portable light source as below

·         Ra>90

·         CCT=5500±500K

·         Back focus length 6.5mm

·         Output luminous flux 210lm

·         Power consumption 5W

·         IR cut-off performance: 2.7mW/lm

·         Spot size of focal plane: φ6.2mm

·         Duration:3 hours

·         Dimming: Stepless dimming


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