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About Us

Rayfine Specialty Lighting was founded in January 2015, focused on specialty lighting, especially medical lighting for endoscopes, microscopes, surgical lights, dental lamps, UV applications and Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT) systems.

We are a team of passionate people dedicated in introducing quality products that delivers latest technologies and innovation to that can greatly improve medical technology.We are honored to be involved in the process of protecting human's health.

Keep exploring the value of light, we’re trying our best.

Enterprise Advantages

We are at the leading edge in medical lighting field. The values and principles listed below are instilled in every member of the Rayfine family.


To keep exploring the value of light.

Push Forward​​​​​​​

To push forward medical technology by light.


To help our customer succeed.


To be part of a team that continually brings progress and leadership to the industry.

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Rayfine Specialty Lighting Co., Ltd.
   Section 101, Block 7, Hangcheng Zhigu, Hangcheng Av., Shenzhen  Baoan, 518128
  Tel: +86-755-29086158
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