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To push forward the progress of medical technology by light is our mission. We are professional in optical design, electrical design, software & firmware writing, mechanical design, thermal management design and system integration. All our products are assembled and tested in house. We provide standard and customized solution to medical equipment manufacturers all over the world.
Endoscope light source
The latest generation of LED and LD technology are applied with our RFFM & RFPL series to provide high quality cold light source for all kinds of medical endoscopes. We can supply white LED fiber optic light module, narrow band imaging (NBI) light module, fluorescent imaging (ICG-NIR) light module, portable light module and so on.Our modules are widely used in laparoscope, gastrointestinal endoscope, hysteroscope, ENT endoscope, urethral endoscope, pet endoscope,etc. We push forward the progress of minimally invasive surgery by continuous improvement of light technology.
Surgical operation
Our RFSL series are mainly used in surgical shadowless lamp. Shadowless lamp is required to eliminate the shadow of the surgical site and minimize color distortion during operation. At the same time, it can continue to work for a long time without emitting too much heat, so as to avoid overheating and discomfort of the patient and affect the operation effect. Our shadowless lamp modules have excellent performance in this respect.
Surgical microscope
Our RFMM series are mainly used in surgical microscopes. It has high magnification and high illumination intensity. Easy to adjust the focus and the operation is very convenient.
Dental surgery
Our dental lamp module has high efficiency white light output and single yellow light output. We use infrared sensor to achieve non-contact ON/OFF control and white light/yellow light switch. Scaled reflector has excellent shadowless and illuminance uniformity. The module is energy-efficient, with long service time and free of maintenance.

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