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small size high brightness LED light module for laparoscope

Key features: Medium luminous flux with low power consumption, extremely compact size
Typical applications: ENT endoscope , portable endoscope, pet endoscope
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  • RFFM-1401

  • 30W white LED, Medium luminous flux with low power consumption, extremely compact size.

  • ENT endoscope , gastrointestinal endoscope, urinary endoscope

Optical   dataRFFM-1401Remarks
Light sourceLED
CCT5750±550KAfter 1m, NA0.62,Φ5mm   optical fiber
CRI≥90After 1m, NA0.62,Φ5mm   optical fiber
Blue/Green   ratio134.4%After 1m, NA0.62,Φ5mm   optical fiber
Red/Green   ratio73.2%After 1m, NA0.62,Φ5mm   optical fiber
IR cut-off   performance3.57 mW/lmAfter 1m, NA0.62,Φ5mm   optical fiber
Luminous flux   output900 lmInput   for Φ5mm light guide
Back focal   length1.0 mmFrom   the last lens vertex
Electrical   data

Input voltageDC 12VCan   be customized according to customer requirement
Power   consumption30 WDriver   board consumption included
Initial power40 WMinimum   power output
Dimming mode
Can be   customized according to customer requirement

Rayfine Specialty lighting is focused on LED light module for medical equipment. We have passed ISO13485 and ISO9001.

Our major product lines:

  • ICG-NIR fluorescence imaging light module

  • NBI Light module

  • Dental lamp and module

  • Surgical microscope light module

  • Surgical light module

Key parameter for Gastrointestinal endoscope light source

·         Ra≥90

·         CCT=5700±500K

·         Back focus length 23.6mm

·         2200lm output out of module

·         1050lm Luminous flux out of fiber

·         Input voltage: DC12V (To be customized as per customer requirements)

·         Power consumption:50W

·         IR cut-off performance:3.5mW/lm

·         PWM/Linear Dimming: min 10%; max:100% (PWM dimming, to be customized as per customer requirements)

·         Net weight:385g+289g (light engine + driver case)

Key parameter for Compact LED light source:

·         Ra=70

·         CCT=6000±300K

·         Back focus length 1.0mm

·         1220 lm output for Ф5mm optical fiber

Key parameter for super high brightness LED module:

·         CCT=5700±500K

·         Ra≥90

·         Back focus length 29mm

·         Luminous flux 3300lm out of module

·         Luminous flux 1250 out of Φ5mm, 1m optical fiber cable

·         IR cut-off performance:3.5mw/lm

·         Input power:80W

·         Input voltage: DC24V (can be customized as per customer request)

·         Heat sink temperature:45℃

·         Life time of LED:30000hours

Key parameter for ICG-NIR fluorescence FOI module as below

·         Light source: White light + 785nm laser

·         Peak wavelength:785nm

·         Light source White light: Ra>90

·         White light CCT=5700±500K

·         Luminous flux of white light 2300lm

·         Luminous flux of white light for Φ5mm light guide: 2600lm (NA=0.62)

·         Output power of 785nm laser=3500mW

·         Back focus length 23.6mm

·         Input voltage: DC12V for LED white light

·         Input power:90W including driver

·         Dimming of white light: Min:10%; Max:100%; By RS232 condition

·         Dimming of laser: Min:0; Max:100%; By RS232 condition

Key parameter for ENT portable light source as below

·         Ra>90

·         CCT=5500±500K

·         Back focus length 6.5mm

·         Output luminous flux 210lm

·         Power consumption 5W

·         IR cut-off performance: 2.7mW/lm

·         Spot size of focal plane: φ6.2mm

·         Duration:3 hours

·         Dimming: Stepless dimming


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