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  • NBI white LED Light Module for endoscropy
    Model: RFFM-1009
    Kay features: White light +415nm blue light, aspheric glass lens,high flux output.
    Typical applications: Gastrointestinal endoscope , compound band imaging for endoscopes
  • White Light Module For Laparoscope
    Model: RFFM-1519/RFFM-1520
    Kay features: 85W white light. Super high luminous flux replace 300W Xenon lamp.
    Typical applications: Laparoscope
  • ICG-NIR+ Mix white Light Module
    Model: RFFM-16A3
    Kay features: 455nm LED+531nm LED+624nm LED+785nm LD, 4 compound light output, aspheric glass lens.
    Typical applications: NBI imaging and ICG-NIR fluorescence imaging for endoscopes
  • Surgical Microscope Light Module
    Model: RFMM-2601
    Kay features: High brightness with uniform light pattern.With white light and yellow,orange,and green light filters.
    Typical applications: Surgical microscopes
  • Dental Lamp
    Model: Denta200
    Kay features: High efficient white light and single yellow light output;Non-touch On/Off control; Non-touch white light and yellow light switch(with IR sensor);Facets reflector; Excellent shadowless and lighting uniformity.Low power consumption, long life time,free maintenance.
    Typical applications: Dental lamp
  • Compact White LED Light Module For Endoscope
    Model: RFFM-1405/RFFM-1407
    Kay features: 30W white light. Medium luminous flux with low power consumption, extremely compact size.
    Typical applications: ENT endoscope , portable endoscope, pet endoscope

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