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What is cold light source?

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What is cold light source?

The lighting system of medical endoscope is designed to deliver the light into the human or animal body, to illuminate the detection area. So that the objective lens could “see” the inside of human or animal body, then display on the screen through the imaging system. Therefore, the light source is a very important part of medical endoscope, which plays a vital role in minimally invasive surgery.

  •         What is cold light source?

  •         Why choose cold light source?

There’re two types of light source. Thermal light source and cold light source. Thermal light source is a light source excited by thermal energy. Such as the sun, incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp and so on. The illuminant that excited by chemical energy or electric energy is called cold light source. For example, the firefly, neon, LED lamp and so on. Today's medical endoscopes generally equipped with cold light sources.

The working temperature for cold light source is normally under 100℃. Since the luminescence is produced by electrons colliding under the impact of electric field and stimulating the fluorescent materials, it has excellent optical characteristics and high luminescence efficiency. It hardly generates heat during working.

Why use cold light source for medical equipment?

Cold light source is mostly applied in minimally invasive surgery and surgical operation. Many people have the experience of getting scalded when they accidentally touch an incandescent light bulb that has been lighted for a long time. If a thermal light source is used in surgery, it’s very likely that the high temperature will hurt the human or animal. On the other hand, the stability of the lamp itself will also be affected, which may result in serious errors in the operation, causing immeasurable damage to the health even life of the people or animals.

So nowadays most of the medical endoscopes and surgical lights are equipped with cold light sources, such as LED lamps, xenon lamps and so on. Rayfine mainly produces LED light module for medical equipment, widely used in endoscopes, microscopes, oral lamps, shadowless lamps and so on, welcome to consult with us.

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