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New 4-Color Endoscopic Light Source Promotes Early Cancer Screening

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  Endoscopy has always been a field with low localization rate of medical devices, and the vast majority of the market share is occupied by Olympus, Fuji and Pentax, three Japanese companies. The development of domestic endoscopes has been slow.

There are two reasons for this:

Firstly, the awareness of early cancer screening is weak, because China is a vast country with a large population, and health education is difficult and costly, which leads to a large part of the population's insufficient knowledge of the concept of early cancer screening. Therefore, the popularization rate of endoscopy as the "gold standard" of gastrointestinal cancer screening in China is far lower than that in Japan.

Secondly, the distribution of medical resources is not balanced. At present, the brands occupying the main market of endoscopy in China and even in the world are dominated by Japanese enterprises such as Olympus, Fuji, etc., which have a certain monopoly, but the imported equipments have formed a higher cost after going through layers of hurdles to enter China's market, and most of them flow to the tertiary hospitals, while the medical institutions below the second level are lacking in resources, so the issues of how to promote the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and how to solve the problems of medical treatment and the sinking of human resources should not be ignored. How to promote hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, solve the problem of medical and talent resources can not be ignored.   In response to the second question, we have to put forward the concept of "import substitution", the competition and substitution between domestic and imported has been the classic paradigm comparison in the industry, and even divided into two schools of thought, which is also an issue that must be discussed in the endoscopy industry. Happily, the medical device industry is developing rapidly, and the endoscopy market boom is high, and the sales scale is highly growing. Data show that the sales CAGR of China's endoscopy market reached 15.08% from 2014 to 2018, and the global growth rate was only 5.99%. While the sales of the two domestic endoscopy manufacturers in 2021 have increased by more than 50% over the same period of the previous year, it is evident that the domestic endoscopy is accelerating in full force, and the market is promising. But compared to the Japanese companies into the game quite late, in terms of innovation still need to "cross the river by touching the stone," we can continue to catch up with the most cutting-edge science and technology, but sometimes also in the catching up on the road by the clouds overshadowed by the eyes.   At present, in China's incremental endoscopy market expansion is obvious, the second level of the following hospitals will be the main incremental endoscopy equipment in the future market, domestic brands cost-effective, hospitals are more willing to purchase, so what is the domestic endoscopy breakthrough "opportunity"?

At present, Bailian Light has launched a new product that can meet the domestic endoscopic light source resources: default 4 combined light modes, support four-color light custom ratio output: 415nm, 455nm, 520nm, 620nm LEDs, WL mode Ra ≥ 90, CCT = 7,500 ± 500 K. In the different light source violet/blue/green/red ratios, integration of general endoscopic illumination and narrow-band imaging functions. 


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