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How to differentiate endoscopes

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An endoscope is a commonly used medical device. It consists of a light-guiding beam structure and a set of lenses. Through the body's natural orifice or through a small incision into the human body, through the device external imaging for human organs or tissues for examination and surgical treatment. Laparoscopes commonly used in clinical practice are rigid endoscopes, which are devices that utilize a series of optical column crystal lenses to transmit images to the receiving eyepiece, and are imaged by connecting an independent camera.

Classification of endoscopes:

According to the imaging principle: optical mirror (column lens), fiber mirror, electronic mirror:

1. By function: laparoscopy, cystoscopy, arthroscopy, gastroenteroscopy, choledochoscopy, etc.

2. By form: rigid endoscopy, flexible endoscopy

3. By application: laparoscopy, electrosurgery, sinusoscopy, etc.

4. By angle: most of the descriptions of angle refer to rigid endoscopes, which provide different angles of vision according to the requirements of the inspection site, and can be categorized into 0°, 12°, 30°, 70°, etc., which are used in different surgical departments.

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