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Rayfine at FIME 2023 in Miami, USA

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As the leading manufacturer of medical light sources in China, Rayfine Specialty Lighting has a considerable market share in the domestic market and is actively expanding its influence in the international market. After three years of research and development during the past 3 years, Rayfine made its debut at the US International Medical Equipment Exhibition (FIME 2023) from June 21st to 23rd, showcasing our full range of medical light source modules to global customers.

FIME2023 (33)  FIME2023 (72)

The following products were mainly showcased at this exhibition:

1. Endoscope Light Source Modules (RFFM Series)

          a) Single White Light LED Module

          b) ICG-NIR Fluorescence Imaging Module

          c) NBI Narrow Band Imaging Module

2. Dental Light Module (RFDL Series)

3. Surgical Microscope Module (RFMM Series)

4. Surgical Shadowless Light Module (RFSL Series)

The exhibition saw many new customers visiting, expressing strong intentions for cooperation. Rayfine looks forward to establishing collaborative relationships with more international clients, working together for mutual benefits and contributing our modest efforts to the cause of human health!

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