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New compound light module started mass production(RFFM-1010)

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After a long time of research and experiment, our self-developed product, a compound light Cold light source (RFFM-1010) was officially put into mass production.

RFFM-1010 is a light module with white+405nm+415nm compound lights. The CRI of the white light is greater than 90.The special 405+415nm light is added to make the deeper blood vessels more clearly imaged. 

This light module adopts imported LED light source, the overall structure is compact with good heat dissipation. The performance is stable and reliable. It has passed EMC and safety test,fully conforms to the latest national standards for medical devices.

So far, many domestic endoscope manufacturers have ordered in bulk, and applied to new products.

Typical applications: Gastrointestinal endoscope , compound band imaging for endoscopes.

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