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NBI technology in endoscopy

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Narrow band imaging endoscopy, also known as narrow band imaging (NBI), is an emerging endoscopic technique that uses an optical filter to filter out the broadband spectrum in the red, blue, and green light waves emitted by endoscopic light sources, leaving only the narrowband spectrum for diagnosing various diseases of the digestive tract.

The main advantage of NBI endoscopic technology is that it can accurately observe not only the morphology of the mucosal epithelium of the digestive tract, such as the concave structure of the epithelial gland, but also the morphology of the epithelial vascular network.

This new technique can better help endoscopists distinguish between gastrointestinal epithelium, such as intestinal metaplasia epithelium in Barrett's esophagus, changes in vascular morphology in intestinal inflammation, and abnormal changes in tumor glandular recesses in the early gastrointestinal tract, thereby improving the accuracy of endoscopic diagnosis.

Rayfine has developed several NBI light modules, such as RFFM-1009 (White light +415nm LED), RFFM-16A5(White LED +415nm LED +540nm LED +605nm LED) and RFFM-16A6 (White LED + 415nm LED + 540nm LED + 785nm LD). Welcome to reach out for more details!

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