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Portable Light Module


Kay features: portable with rechargable Li-ion battery

Typical applications: ENT endoscope , portable endoscope, pet endoscope
  • RFPL-1819
  • portable with rechargable Li-ion battery.
  • ENT endoscope , portable endoscope, pet endoscope

Optical   data Typical Value Remarks
Light source LED
CCT 5500±500 K
CRI ≥85 
Blue/Green   ratio 133% Output after module
Red/Green   ratio 83% Output after module
IR cut-off   performance 2.7 mW/lm Output after module
Luminous flux   output 160 lm Luminous   flux input for Φ4mm light guide
Back focal   length 6.5 mm From   the last lens vertex
Spot size at   focal plane φ6.2mm
Electrical   data

Duration 3 hours Rechargable   Li-ion battery
Power   consumption 5 W Driver   board consumption included
Dimming mode Key  3 steps dimming

IP grade IP 10

   Illuminance distribution on the focal plane



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