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Surgical LED Light Module


Kay features: Adjustable CCT,illuminance and spot sizes.

Typical applications: Surgical lamp, shadowless operating light. 
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  • RFSM-1201

  • Adjustable CCT,illuminance and spot sizes.

  • Surgical lamp, shadowless operating light. 

Optical   data
Light source LED
CRI ≥90, Adjustble 
CCT 3500K 3800K 4200K 4500K 4800K
Central   illuminance  Can be customized according to customer   requirement,max 160K lux
D50  @ 94mm   plane
D10  @ 164mm   plane
D50/D10 57.30%
Electrical   data Typical Value Remarks
Duration 24V DC ± 10% For   the light module driver
Power   consumption Refer to whole lamp
Dimming mode 20% ~ 100% Increment   10%

Illuminance distribution on the target plane (Φ180mm,CCT 4200K) for whole lamp:

1201-4          1201-5


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