The leader of medical lighting solution

Rayfine Specialty Lighting was founded in January 2015 by lighting expert, Bernard Xiao, who had worked in several multinational companies, such as Lucent Technologies, Merck Chemicals, OSRAM and Excelitas Technologies and etc. Rayfine is a hi-tech manufacturer certified by China government in 2019,and passed the certification of ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 in June 2020. Rayfine focuses on specialty lighting, especially medical lighting, such as LED endoscope light module, LED dental operation light, LED microscope light module, LED surgical light, analytical light source, UV light solution and so on. With the latest generation of LED and LD, we make the medical equipment more energy saving, compact, cost effective and maintenance cost saving with much longer life time. Thanks for LED and LD light source, it helps realizing miniaturization and micromation of medical equipment. Rayfine team has excellent experience in medical lighting product development and manufacturing, such as LED and LD light source searching, optical design,mechanical design, electrical design, firmware and software writing, system integration and so on. We provide customized product development & manufacturing. At same time, we have standard products with Rayfine brand, such as dental operation light. We are at the leading edge in medical lighting field. To help our customer succeed is our value, to keep exploring the value of light is our mission, to push forward the progress of medical device by light is our direction. However, your support and recognition is our future!



Your ODM partner
We have very experienced R&D team with very good capability in optical, mechanical and electrical design, and system intergration. Manufacturing is done in house. We know how to make sure the quality of lighting products. Please let us know your product requirements, we will provide you the quality product beyond your expectation.
Your OEM partner
Rayfine is an ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 qualified company. We've got qualified and experienced R&D and manufacturing team. All these will make sure delivering quality product. Welcome to contact us!